Bill or Ted’s Most Excellent Yoga Workout

A combo of 25 yoga and strength moves on the Wii Fit Plus with my most excellent, bodacious trainer, the surfer dude.  I tried not to let his demeanor distract me today and figured it was an exercise in mental toughness to not be annoyed with him. It worked.
I really enjoyed this workout. I set it up in My Routines (which is one of the best features on the Wii Fit Plus) so that I was able to just zip from move to move very quickly without stopping much in between. I really prefer that setup instead of the individual game mode, where I get star ratings based on how well I did. I was surprised I could squeeze in 25 moves in 46 minutes, but I did. Yay!
There were a lot of one-legged moves today and planks and pushups. All are helpful for my weak core and I think will improve my running form over time if I keep doing them. The yoga poses and stretches really relaxed me and helped me center myself (even when my two younger girls came downstairs wearing costumes and gawked at me – the five year old in her sequined Santa hat, which matched so nicely with her pink ballerina dress and my three year old wearing green glow-in-the dark Dracula teeth, growling, “Grrrrrrrr”, Aren’t I scawy, Mama?” while I laid on the mat stretching my hips.)  It’s hard not to grin and lose focus around here sometimes, so I compromised, grinned at them and then closed my eyes and focused on the stretch again.
During my plank, my 3 year old came back munching on a sandwich and said, “Good job, Mommy! You doing weal good!”  Who can’t have a great workout with that kind of cheer leading?!

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