Sorry, friends. Today it’s going to be a short recap. I just got home from my first 20 mile run of this marathon cycle and it was a tough one for me. I ran with a friend from my running gang named Otto. He did a great job and today ran nearly 4 miles further in training than he ever had before! Kudos to him for finishing the run strong and a huge “thank you” to him for letting me tag along on his run today so I could get my 20 miles in with company! It was much appreciated.

I’m not sure what it was, but I just wasn’t feeling it today. I’m blaming the tough hill 16 mile run from last week as my most likely culprit, although not eating my usual spaghetti dinner last night may have also contributed, as I’m pretty sure Asian salad and an ice cream sundae aren’t quite the same fuel that the Italian meal would have been in terms of glycogen storage. They were yummy, though and I really enjoyed my date with my husband last night — so, I figured it was worth the splurge. 

The scenery was beautiful! I just love this particular running path along the Boise River. I ran it over and over last year in training with my pal, Bertha and today running it again I really had her on my mind. I hope her recovery goes well and that she’ll be training for a fall marathon with me again next year. 

The most noteworthy thing I saw today was during the very last mile of my run. A group of horses glided by me as I dragged and shuffled my feet along the asphalt. What?! Horses? On the Greenbelt? I had to look again. There was a trio of three bicyclers riding in a row, all decked out in their cowgirl and cowboy best — red and blue scarves tied around their necks, straw-colored cowboy hats atop their heads, stick horse heads on the handlebars (that sounds a little frightening when I put it that way, but it was really rather cheerful) and a swooshy tails made from straw flying in the breeze on the back.  What a funny sight to see at the end of a run! It turned out there were dozens of tutu wearing, and pointy princess-capped and super hero caped bike riders out there today. There was some fun bike race going on right in the park. It was a happy scene. A nice contrast to my whimpering self. 

I sat in the River at the end. I missed Bertha soooooo much.  That was our special spot at the end of our runs. My buddy, just put his feet in, while I sat. It wasn’t the same as with my Bertha. I hope she’ll run with me again soon. 

I’m sore, I’m tired.  I was sooo slow today and Otto kept having to wait for me. I think it was a bad match. He’s really nice – but he’s just faster than I am, so I pushed too hard early and paid for it later.

My stupid Garmin filled up during this run over and over too, so I kept having to stop and go back and delete an old run, then it would fill up, beep like a maniac at me and we’d repeat the cycle – 4 times!  Ugh! Guess I’ll delete all miles again.

Stats: 20.15 miles. 3:35 total time. 10:40 ave pace. Felt – tired, hamstring hurt and I don’t really want to run with a male buddy on my own anymore. It’s just not the same as running with a gal. Little awkward moments that never happen with a female partner.

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