Kathy Smith’s New Yoga DVD – 55 minutes

This is the first time I’ve tried this particular yoga workout. It’s one I borrowed from the local library and it was made in 1994. I was surprised to see Kristin Davis as one of Kathy Smith’s yoga demonstrators in the workout. 

I think this one’s a keeper and I’ll be buying a copy. I was definitely in over my head for some of the poses, so I was thankful there was options shown for those of us who are less-than-flexible. I could really tell that most of the moves were exactly what I had hoped to find in a good workout I could do at home.

The biggest downfall? The copy I used had a zillion scratches, so sometimes I was left standing in the eagle pose or the standing tree for an eternity until the dvd player corrected itself. 

I can tell I’m nearing the peak of my training for this marathon. I’m more sore, pooped out and hungry than usual. The scale has been at 124 for the past few days. I’ve been doing more flexing in front of the mirror (especially of my calves) than normal too. Remind me of all of this during the winter if I get fat and sassy again.  Fall is the season, baby!

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