So Golf is Really a Sport, eh?

I thought a lot about golf today. Not because I play it, but because today I ran along a canal path paralleling a golf course for most of my run, so I had plenty of time to observe these “athletes” called golfers. Here’s what I noticed: Most are middle aged men or older, wearing clothing that could qualify as their “Sunday best”. They drive up in their little carts, get out, put down the little white ball and pull out a big stick. They wiggle and focus and then whack the little ball. Now, here, on occasion, I’d see a group of them take off into the brush, scratching their heads while they tried to find out where their precious little ball went. Most of the time, though, they just smiled after hitting the ball and climbed back into their little cart and zipped off down the course again. Did I see them break a sweat? I’m not so sure they did.

Now, if I’d taken up this “sport” of golf instead of running two years ago, would I have gone from a size 14 to a size 4? I’m having a heck of a time thinking I would have. I’d probably be parading out there in my comfy size 14 polyester skirt – with the elastic waist, polo shirt and visor — the same size I started. At least from looking at most of the fellas I saw out there today, I’d say I’m guessing right. I’d also miss the runner’s high.  I think I’ll stick with running.

Overall, the run went just fine. Better than expected actually. It was 68 degrees, so it’s still hotter than I prefer, but not unbearable. My right hamstring is still pretty tight and my calves are still sore. Hopefully tomorrow’s rest day will give me what I need to get through Saturday’s 20 miler. 

Stats: 6.22 miles. 10:34 ave pace (easy run). 1:05 (total time) Hot. Felt ok.


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