Hey, Garmin girls – do you use www.garminconnect.com yet? I had signed up and then forgotten about it, but played with it a little today. It’s really kind of a fun tool. I loaded yesterday’s run and found some interesting things. Garmin Connect can tell how the “moving” time of your run (remember how I never push pause at all during a run?) – well, I can still see more specifically what it looked like while I was moving by checking there – and — they also have something that “corrects” elevation gains reported by our watches by comparing the latitude and longitude actually survey measurement records of that same area and thereby giving a more exact count of elevation gain/loss during a run. Fascinating!!!

By checking out that, I realized, the reported numbers I’ve been giving in my blog were not accurate. Most of my weekday runs (and Greenbelt runs) really were fairly flat averaging less than 50 feet of gain and yesterday’s run that my Garmin said was 4725 ascent – turns out was only a mere 3,666 ft of gain! Can you believe it? It was really an EASY run after all – hee hee.

I’m going to be using this tool more in the future and will not record any more ascent/gain info without double checking it there first. 

Interestingly here’s a comparison of the watches recorded time of the run and the connect’s “moving” time:

15.86 miles – ave pace 16:19. Total time: 4:19 (from my watch – no pauses.)
15.86 miles – ave pace 12:30. Total time: 3:18 (moving time.) Best pace: 5:04 (downhill – weeeee)

Max elevation: 5, 894 (Garmin Connect) – the air felt thinner near the top and it gave me a bit of a headache. I live down at 2,500 feet. 

I’m so stinking sore today! I’m walking like an old lady! Definitely was a good bun/quad and calf workout for sure. I used the foam roller earlier and I’ll take a short recovery run to get the lactic acid moving along later tonight – really, really, slow.

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