It’s very humid out today! I was actually hoping it would rain on my tempo run today since I knew the cool raindrops would have offered some sweet relief to the effort I was feeling out there. It was hot! The actual temperature was only 63 degrees, but the 68% humidity really got to this wild west girl, who’s just not used to it.

It was an effort today – enough so that I’m really wondering if I’ll have to ease back on my pace come marathon day just to stay strong to the end. Today’s tempo pace was supposed to be 8:33 for 5 miles, with a 1 mile warm up and a 1 mile cool down. I did hold an 8:37 for my July half marathon, so it’s possible that I can at least do half the distance in a respectable time. Not so sure about the other half. I’m a little intimidated about it, to be honest. I have had stomach issues or bonked in every single race beyond the half distance – 2 marathons and 2 ultras in the past year – so I have reason to be intimidated.

My marathon PR was my first – last October at 4:57 — certainly not a speedy time. McMillan’s Calculator and the Smart Coach program from runner’s world (based on my July half marathon time) all seem to give me predictions of around 4 hours. That just seems too good to be true! That would be almost an entire hour better than last year!

I hope I can mentally let my fears go and just do what feels right come race day – even if the finishing time isn’t anywhere near the predictions. This is typical of me: I start panicking about a race much sooner than I should. I fear that I sabotage myself and create the stomach issues by over thinking it. I’ll try to keep using yoga to settle my busy mind over the next 8 1/2 weeks.

Mile 1 (warm up) 10:58
Mile 2: (tempo) 8:24
Mile 3: (tempo) 8:38
Mile 4: (tempo) 8:29
Mile 5: (tempo) 9:03 (walked and drank water – very thirsty!!)
Mile 6: (tempo) 8:12
Mile 7: (cool down) 8:53 (feeling good)
.01 — 6:27 pace (the finish of my final kick.) 

Stats: 7.01 miles. Ave pace: 8:57. Time: 1:02. 394 ft ascent.

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