Today was a celebratory run! What am I celebrating this week? Well, my oldest daughter is turning 11 years old on Wednesday and my youngest daughter just got fully potty trained! Do you know, that means I’ve been changing diapers (at times on three babies at once) nonstop for over a decade?! I’m feeling a new sense of freedom and an excitement as I look forward to this new stage of parenting my five children who are now all past the baby/toddler stage! For so many years, my husband and I could not leave the house without a stroller, diaper bag and often a pack and play, highchair or walker. Now we’re suddenly able to stroll about on outings without any of that gear! Woo hoo! I’m loving it!

Well, apparently the running gods were raining down good fortune on me today during my run. I found 68 cents AND 13 ZOTZ candies (still tightly wrapped in their plastic packages.) Let me tell you – THAT is the kind of spoils of war to send even the most demure of my children into hysterical bouts of leaping and claps of joy!

It’s been a wonderful start to my day. Now I’ve got a birthday cake to bake a party to host!!!!! Happy running to all of my friends! May your runs be as profitable as mine was today. 

73 degrees. 38% humidity. 10 mph winds (felt hot but really nice.) 344 ft ascent (gently hilly.)

Stats: 7.01 miles. 9:45 ave pace. 1:08 total time. Felt great! 

Today’s riches:

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