I woke up today with a pulled hamstring. It made no sense. I didn’t even run yesterday. It took a bit to go over what activities I’d done yesterday to realize the culprit — gardening! Yesterday, I mowed the grass and then spent about 3 hours pulling weeds in my strawberry patch. Apparently, when you’ve been neglecting your yoga and long stretching sessions, bending over and pulling weeds for hours can cause a strain in those too-tight muscles at the back of the legs. Rats!

I figured I’d just take a shorter run today, which worked out time-wise since my inlaws are in town and we have some fun activities planned for the rest of today.  So, I just headed out and tried to get in about an hour’s worth of running.

The most glorious thing about today’s run was the intoxicating fragrance of peppermint fields along my path. I’m always inclined to slow up just a hair and take deep, refreshing breaths of that delicious smelling plant!

I had to stop 7 times in the first 3 miles today – and it had nothing to do with the hamstring (which seemed fine once I’d started running.) I stopped 7 times to pick up 7 different coins. 5 pennies, a dime and a quarter! None of them located anywhere near the others!!! What is most surprising is that I ran in the countryside today, so most of these random coins were in the dirt shoulder between corn fields! Wow I wish they could talk and each tell me the story of how they came to be along the dirty roadside.  Josh’s college fund IS growing significantly after today’s contribution!

518 ft of Ascent (mostly flat). 72 degrees. 41% humidity and 10 mph winds.

Stats: 6.3 miles. 10:33 ave pace. 1:06 – total time.

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