Good bye my faithful pepper spray.  I realized while putting away all my gear that my pepper spray container with the strap wasn’t hooked to my Fuel Belt like it had been when I left home. I looked around the driveway, checked all the spots in the house that I could think of where I keep it up high out of reach of the kids just in case I’d put it somewhere safe last time and hadn’t brought it along – but it was nowhere to be found. I started worrying like crazy that some child would accidentally come across it and hurt themselves. So I headed back out to walk part of the path and see if I could come across it.

My son, Wayne Jr offered his extra pair of eyes and we headed out together trying to retrace some of my steps. I zig zag a lot during my runs in the neighborhood, so it was hard to know where to start. After about .20 of a mile I saw something black laying near the sidewalk and ran towards it. It was my pepper spray — smashed flat by a car (which really is a mystery to me since this is in a neighborhood with nice, wide streets and it was laying right next to the sidewalk. Normally cars don’t drive THAT close to that area.)  The canister was smashed and the spray was spilled out on the asphalt.

The good thing is that I did find it and brought it home to make sure a child couldn’t endanger themselves with what was left. The bad thing – it was leaking as I walked and by the time I was home, I was coughing and feeling it in my throat too. I threw it away.

Doggone it, though. I really wish I hadn’t dropped it.

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