This morning I saw the cutest cowgirls circling their corral on their horses waving their white cowboy hats at their Mom who was watching over them. I’d guess their ages to be about 5 and 7.  Looks like a couple of my neighbors have rodeo queen dreams.
I saw 7 geese today. They were SO big! When they were standing on the canal path, right ahead of me I could get a good idea of their size and I’d have to guess that the tallest was about the height of my elbow! Thankfully, they weren’t angry geese, and went about their business, leaping back into the water and swimming away as I approached.  I enjoyed watching them swim off in their tidy, little row. I wonder who decides which ones gets to be the leader (or is is “pacer” for the group.) 
The canal today was lined with the most vibrant purple flowers along the banks. They were beautiful!
It was pretty warm out there today — 75 degrees, 41 % humidity and 10 mph winds. The total ascent was 445 ft (reasonably flat). It was a good run, but I am longing for cooler temperatures.  Oh! And I found a nickel and a penny! Scored 6 cents for Josh’s piggy bank! 

Stats: 7.12 miles. 10:30 ave pace (easy run). 1:14 – total time. 75 degrees. 41% humidity. 10 mph winds. Hot, sunny and clear. Felt: pretty good. Lost my pepper spray somewhere out there today.  I hope I can find it again and I HOPE a child doesn’t find it and hurt themselves with it in the meantime. Eeeek. Wish I had a second car and I’d go looking for it, but I have no idea where I lost it.

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