Finally! A good speed session again! I think finally getting some sleep last night helped. I did yoga yesterday morning, hoping the calming effects would hold until bedtime, but unfortunately, my mind was still racing a mile a minute and my neck (which was hurt in a head-on car wreck about 17 years ago) was really bothering me the way it does when I haven’t had enough rest. I’d already taken a warm bath and was just not able to sleep still, so I got out of bed and grabbed my running log/journal and just started writing. 6 full pages later, I felt the sweet relief of slumber starting to overtake me – and I laid down and slept well until this morning. Whew! Guess I just had a lot on my mind and needed to spill it on paper. 

Today’s schedule called for speedwork. 6 miles total including warmup, then 2 x 1600 in 7:55 w 800 jogs and a cool down. I was a little nervous since I haven’t had a good speed session since the half marathon PR July 10th. I think the recovery was the problem immediately after and the heat was giving me difficulties as well. Thankfully, none of that mattered today and I felt great! 

Temperature today was 72 with 43% humidity and a light breeze. Total ascent was 476 ft – so fairly flat for this area. 

The 2 1600s (miles) went really well! I was hot, it was hard, but I kept my focus and pounded it nice and steady.

1st one was 7:44 which surprised me since I wasn’t sure I could even do the 7:55 from the schedule in the heat and sunshine. I was pleased.

2nd one was 7:46 – again, surprising me but making me really proud of myself. 

NO cell phone calls today during the run! Maybe that’s why I’m in such a great mood. ha ha!! It really did make a difference to just give myself to the run and not think about anything else.

When I got back the kids were so cute! They said, “Mom, we formed an exercise club while you were gone. Want to join? We’re doing pushups and laps around the backyard.” Of course I told them, “Absolutely!”  I love these kids soooo much!!!! How’d I get so lucky to get a whole crew of such unbelievably fun people to raise? 

Stats: 6.27 miles total. 10:27 ave pace. 1:05 – total time. 72 degrees. 43% humidity. Light winds. 476 Ascent (fairly flat.)

I need to update a couple of things. The first one is that race series I wanted to do – the 3 5ks where I was trying to get one of the top overall spots so that I’d get free admission to a 4th 5k later this fall. That’s not going to happen.  The first 5k is this weekend and money is just really tight right now – so — no extra races. I may not bet to do a 5k until after my October marathon. Oh well… I’ll just focus on my training and try to give my all to that instead.

My inlaws will be here from Chicago this weekend! I’m excited to see them. We only get to spend about a week together every year. The kids will get so spoiled and maybe Wayne and I will be able to get away for a soda alone or something.  I’m really torn about my Saturday long run. I already told my running pals I couldn’t run with them this weekend since I’ll be entertaining my inlaws. But… I’m mentally still having a hard time NOT doing a long run! I’m toying with the idea of getting up really early and trying to get in at least 14 – even if I can’t do the 20 I’d prefer. My schedule just calls for 14, but last week’s called for 12 and I did 18. I did 14 the week before that. I’m really hoping to ramp my long run up to the total marathon distance 3 weeks before the race. That’s what Jeff Galloway recommends and I’d love to do that. I have done back-to-back 25 – 27 miles three weeks in a row earlier this year when training for my 50k and felt SO strong when I prepared like that. I know the diarrhea incident really prevented me from doing as well as I should have done in the actual race – but I felt unbelievably fit and strong after those runs — so — I’d like to get myself back into that shape again to give myself the best possible chance of doing well at the marathon. Considering my time last year was only 4:57, I should get a PR no matter what. It would take a 3:45 to BQ. That’s a HUGE leap, so I’d just like to see what I can shave off of last year’s time in my quest to gradually get better and better at this.  I’d love to close in on the 4 hour mark and that’s where McMillan’s calculators put me based on my 10k (4;06), my 2 miler (3:54) and my recent half (3:58). I really feel those numbers sound TOO good to be true — so I’d be happy just to break 4:20 this time around. I guess I’ll just have to see what happens.  I’m the poster child for “Never assume anything on race day!” ha ha

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