This was a first! The first training run my husband and I have ever done together. He’s asked me to help him get on the road to being a runner, so I’m helping him learn a bit of Galloway training to get started. It was nice having a little bit of time together to share a couple of miles.  I had him walk .25, then slowly jog .25 x 4. He did so well, I think we’ll up the pace a hair on the next one.

My biggest surprise this morning was that I felt chilly for the first mile! I haven’t shivered in so long I forgot what it felt like. It made me happy to think that fall is just around the corner along with consistent cooler temperatures. After a long, hot summer, I’m eager for more of that.

Stats: 2 miles. 13:49 ave pace. 27:41 time. Temp: 52 degrees. 76% humidity. 259 ft ascent. No wind. Felt: tired

I haven’t been sleeping well. Insomnia has been an unwelcome companion of mine for a few weeks. My body seems to have cycles of a few months every year where I struggle with this. I’m not sure why. But, I haven’t had much sleep in the past month and rolling out of bed at 5:30 was pretty hard for me, since I’d only gotten about 2 hours of sleep.

I stumbled through Wayne and I’s first “training” run together and did enjoy getting to spend some early morning time with him before the sun came up. He did a good job on those 2 miles and I had him take lots of walk breaks to gently get his body used to the pounding of running.

Once I got him back to the house and we stretched together, I took a bathroom break, ate a few more bites of my breakfast that I hadn’t had a chance to finish before our run/walk and then headed back out on my own recovery run for today.

It’s a lovely morning out. The sun was rising, the rooster who lives just a hot, skip and a jump from my house was singing out his cock-a-doodle-doo to wake the nearby farmer and his family. There was a lot of traffic out as bleary-eyed people traveled off to their jobs.

I’d like to say I kept this pace so easy that it was effortless – but the truth is, my legs are still pretty worn out from Saturday’s 18 miler. Now, I did do two 18 mile runs in June, but both were on trails in the mountains, which I’ve noticed are so much easier to recover from than runs on the asphalt. Saturday’s run was almost entirely on an asphalt greenbelt, so it was no surprise that I wasn’t feeling particularly spry today.

I just let my body do what it needed to do and kept the pace really slow. There’s a little bit of pain in my third toe on each of my feet since it looks like Saturday’s run left me a little gift to remember it by – two more black toenails. It’s really a good thing I’m more of a tomboy than a frilly girl or I might be upset that my feet are getting so freakish and ugly. I’m ok with it, though. I’m honestly a little proud of my badges of honor earned from hard miles out on the road. 

I trudged it out and got the pokey miles done.

Stats: 5.01 miles. 11:37 ave pace. 58:13 time. 259 feet ascent.

Total miles today: 7:01 – a good start to the week. My inlaws are coming on Friday so I may not get a long run in this weekend (if so, that would be the first time I’ve skipped a long run in about a year and a half!!!) I’m hoping I can still sneak one in early in the morning – even if it’s just the 14 miles the schedule calls for (I had hoped to do 20 and gradually build up to 27 again 3 weeks before the marathon. I’ve done that distance in training or close nearly 3 x before my 50k in April and I thought it was a good thing, so I’d like to build back up to that before my race.) I really believe that hitting the wall happens more at mile 20 than any other distance because that’s the distance most marathon plans end at. Jeff Galloway is one of the only running authors who encourage runners to train beyond that 20 mile distance and I’d like to put his theory to the test for this October’s marathon. I could end up more fatigued from the extra training or I could end up stronger. Only this little experiment will tell me for sure.

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