My right big toenail has been in the goodbye stage for awhile. I originally jammed it over and over when my form when sloppy at the end of my second marathon. It was hot and I wasn’t running pretty. My toenail turned black by the next day and within a few days I had to drain it with a drill bit (by hand) to ease some of the pain and pressure. That was back in May. That toenail had turned ghostly white and was starting to lift up from the nail bed, so I knew our time as a team was coming to an end.

Today while vacuuming, I accidently smacked my big toe good and hard on the vacuum (I tend to be clutzy like that.) It hurt and I realized the toenail was pulling away even more. I sat down to see what to do and saw that it was hanging on by a corner – gripping on for dear life deep in my lower nail bed. Ouch! I thought of my 10 year old daughter and how she’s pulled 3 of her own loose teeth in the past month. She’s brave. I’m not usually, but decided to channel some of her courage and just go for it. I had to twist and turn and it hurt — but — with a final yank I had that sucker off! 

Of course, then it was time to play show and tell! I yelled, “Hey kids! Want to see something gross?” Of course, five pairs of little feet came running into the room to see. Immediately I was a smalltime celebrity, with questions coming at me from all directions. “Did it hurt?” “Can we touch it?” “Can I have the old toenail?” “Why not?!” “Pleeeeeese” and “Will we lose toenails if we become marathoners someday too?” The attention was wonderful and I had to laugh a bit at how I’ve raised these children to embrace the grossness of any new encounter and treat it like a spontaneous science lesson. Hands-on of course!

Anyways… I had to finally ask Savannah for the toenail back half an hour later when she told me it was now part of her “Cowection of cool stuff.” And, yes, I had her wash her hands with oodles of soap and warm water. But, it is kind of cool. I’m saving it until Wayne gets home so I can brag a little bit more and see if I can freak him out a little bit. Probably not. He’s the king of the “it’s no big deal” attitude around incredibly weird and odd grossness. I should know. He watched all five of the babies be born and didn’t pass out. 

Ok, since I know you’re dying to see (Hey! Who fainted over there?!) – here’s a pic:

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