There’s a race series I want to do over the next few weeks. It’s run by the same local man who is race director over the two marathons I’ve done and the recent half I just completed. He’s not very organized – so he doesn’t advertise much about his races or any promotions he’s offering – but — I happened to stumble on a small newspaper article about him this past week and it mentioned a series of 5k races that he’s overseeing as a 5k challenge.

The first race takes place August 7th, the second August 21 and the third on the 19th of September. They are small town races — usually with 25 – 40 females max. I checked the stats and some of the gals in one of the races (the last one) are really fast – doing 5k in 18- 19 min for the top 3 females.  In fact, the stats I found have my buddy, Julie with 5th place with a time of 21:33 a couple years ago! Wow!

But… it doesn’t look like those same gals all sign up for the other races – just a couple of them sign up for all of them from what I can gather.

So, here’s the deal — after the series of races is over – the top 5 fastest females who did at least 3 of these races — get free, elite entry into the Women’s Fitness Celebration 5k run -which is a big deal in my area. Thousands of women come to run the race from all over the U.S.! Those top 5 series winners not only get to race for free that day- they get to go onstage at the awards ceremony and pose with the top 5 men from the series (who will be in tuxedos) and it’s kind of a big deal! 

So, I’m really wondering about spot #5 — the free entry one and a chance to run with some seriously amazing women at the Women’s Fitness Celebration. Wouldn’t that be something?!!! Since so few women enter this little races and the race director doesn’t advertise very well — I’m really wanting to enter the 3 little 5ks and use them as “tune ups” for my fall marathon. I “think” I can do a 5K around 24 min – maybe a speck better if I’m having a good day. I wonder if I’d have a shot at spot #5?

I talked to Wayne about it and he said I can sign up for the three races. It’s fine if I don’t make the cut — but wouldn’t it be fun to try?!!!

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