My quads and hips are still feeling sore. The fatigue is better today than two days ago – but it’s still there. I’m not sick, it turned out – but the minute my head hits the pillow for the last week, I fall immediately to sleep. That’s not like me and it does tell me my body is saying, “I’m repairing. Let me rest.”

When I pulled out my log book, I had to smile. It really has been an awesome month for my running! I’ve accomplished much more than I ever would have dreamed I could do – hitting pr’s in the 10k, the 2 miler and the half marathon.

I also looked back and realized I have not taken an entire week off since early March of 2009. I’m tired. In that time, I trained for my first marathon, my first ultra (attempt), started running mountain trials (some of those runs lasting 7 hours), did Robie Creek, trained for and completed my first 50k, ran my second marathon “just for fun”, hit my first 50 mile week, and earned my first couple of prizes in the running world in short races. It’s been a thrilling ride!!!! I’m trying to balance that with the most important ingredient I may have neglected recently — rest/recovery.

My laundry’s caught up. I made 24 yummy muffins yesterday and got to visit with Bertha and her son when they came to hang out with me and the kids.  My house is cleaner. I even steam-cleaned the carpets (including the stairs which I hate doing!) I de-cluttered my e-mail box (which had saved e-mails dating back from 2001 and 47 pages of stuff – just in ONE Of my saved folders! That one now has 2 pages.) So – I’m doing some other things that probably needed my attention too.  I even taught Savannah to fold a washcloth and a towel today and she was sooo proud of herself when it came out pretty good. I’ve been swimming in the backyard (small round) pool with the kids more and sitting and chatting with my beautiful, little girl who doesn’t seem so little anymore. Rebecca will be 11 in a few days. She’s almost as tall as I am now! I’ve been playing catch with Josh and helping Wayne Jr learn to cook better (he makes the most wonderful fluffy scrambled eggs you’ve ever tasted – honest!)  Anneliese and Savannah have been playing beauty parlor with my makeup and I’m encouraging it and letting them doll me up too. I have a stack of curriculum I need to review before I start the fall semester with the kids. I should get to that this week and start preparing my lesson plans. September will be here before I know it.

Things are good. Wayne and I’ve been laying in the grass in the backyard and just chatting about life more, holding hands and bonding a little extra. I even had time to take myself to a movie this past week at the cheapy theater. I saw Letters to Juliette and cried! I  it!

Today I received the nicest e-mail from a running pal I admire very much. She said she believes in me and thinks I’ll make Boston by 40. I almost cried getting that kind of compliment from someone I consider so much more accomplished than myself. It gave my heart wings! She encouraged the rest and told me to keep doing what I’m doing in training to keep seeing rewards. I feel happy. I feel hope. I feel excited to face the next stage after this rest period is over. I’ll let my body tell me when that is.

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