Ok – today’s run:

Wow. This was not the way I planned for this run to go. I’ve been doing much of my weekday training right in my own neighborhood, so when my husband called in sick to work today with the flu and thereby was home with the kids, I was eager to head beyond those boundaries and take in some scenery for a change.

I headed out to the countryside and ran along a nearby canal right between two fertile fields. I was trying to guess what was growing on either side of me and my best guess was Romaine lettuce and Spinach. Mmmm – it made me want to stop for a salad break! 

I’d heard there was a middle school somewhere nearby with a good track, so I decided to venture off and see if I could find it. I was in good spirits. About 3 miles in, I was running on a road I haven’t been on before. I was surrounded by fields with the occasional house dotted here and there. All of a sudden, I hear barking on my left. I turn and see this medium sized dog running right at me. I stopped running and started walking and yelling, “NO! Bad dog! Stop!” But it kept coming. Right away a second, much bigger dog came from behind the house and joined his buddy. Then I was scared! I grabbed for the mace I carry on my Fuel Belt and turned it to “on” and yelled “Back! “Bad Dog!’ Stop!” again and the larger one stopped but the little one came after me. I pushed the button – the first time I’ve ever done that and a red stream came from the dispenser. The dog look startled then turned back to his house. I took off running to get down the road — feeling angry again that I’d been put in that position! The dogs were in the ROAD – not on their property. I know they have a right to protect their homes – but I have a right to run freely and safely on the roads without fear of harm, too.

On the bright side, about a mile later, I saw something glimmering on the ground. I stopped and reached down for the shiny penny, thinking, “Maybe this day will be alright after all.”

77 degrees. No wind. Hot.

Stats: 6.3 miles. Time: 1:10. Ave pace: 11:09. Felt: Cranky

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