It’s been 4 days since my hard-pushing half marathon. I knew not to expect much of my legs when I headed out on this tempo run today – but I honestly haven’t felt much soreness or fatigue at all so I thought maybe just maybe I’d be able to hit my targets today just fine. I thought wrong. I came close — but I could tell in the first tempo mile that my “pep” had not returned just yet to my step.

Goals for today according to my Smart Coach training schedule for my October marathon (with a goal of BQing or getting much closer than I have in my last two marathons) : 5 mi. total incl warm; 3 mi @ 8:24. cool. So – 8:24 was the goal pace for the middle 3 miles.

How’d I do?
1. 8:29
2. 8:36
3. 8:43

It just wasn’t in me today. 61 degrees. 36% humidity. 7 mph winds. Not bad running conditions. It was fatigue.

The dog! As I was hitting the cooldown, I heard a ferocious barking coming at me from the side. I looked over and saw an angry-looking pit bull keeping pace with me from across a fairly empty canal.  I grabbed my mace and turned it to “on” and was taking aim if that huge dog bounded across that 8 foot divide between us. I felt so angry!!! He was not on a leash — right in the middle of a very populated neighborhood in town with leash laws! Grrrrr to dog owners who don’t obey the laws and put runners and others at risk! The owner was about a block back just acting so nonchalant about the whole thing – but I would have maced her pooch if he’d tried to attack me! I was scared.  I did get away but kept looking over my shoulder the rest of the way home, gripping my mace for all my might.


5.02 miles. 49:58 total time. 9:58 ave overall pace. 8:36 ave -tempo portion.

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