I forgot to mention, I had written on my hand: 1:54 at the start of the race since that was my secret goal. 

Here’s something else kind of fun: I told Wayne last night: I’d love to run tomorrow’s race at about Boston Qualifying time for a marathon just to see if I can hold that pace for even half a marathon. I did!!! To BQ at my age and gender I’d need a 3:45:59 or better. That pace? 8:37!  I’m really eager to get started on my marathon training for my October marathon (which is a BQ qualifier if I somehow managed that.) I’d be stunned to achieve that with my first “race” attempt at 26.2. I’ve “ran” it in training several times and I’ve completed 2 marathons, but I would not describe what I did in those as racing. I ran to finish. Last year at this same race (my first marathon) the temp was 40 degrees and raining the entire time. I can handle the rain. It keeps me cool and I kind of like it even. 40 is an ideal temp for running a best time. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I wonder how much of that 4:57 I can shave off this time around? I need that 3:45:59 in the next two years. My goal is to qualify for Boston before I’m 40. I’m 37 1/2. Race is in Oct. My birthday is in November.

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