I did it! I PR’d!!!! It was hot as heck out there today. Two of my friends suffered from heat exhaustion and I was very concerned about them.  I wasn’t sure if I could hold the pace, but I tried and was able to keep it up for the most part.

I took water at every aid station (6 stops) and I think that I needed it in the heat. I came in right behind a guy pal I grew up with who’s one year younger than me. He beat me by 15 seconds and I was cheering him on the whole way! It’s always so much fun to race with friends!

And, today I had several to be proud of and cheer for! My friend, Marci did her first half marathon – and she was smiling at the finish line looking strong! I hope it was everything she’d hoped her first half would be! My pals Bertha, Brandy, Amber and Jenny also raced and it was awesome to have them there!

The heat was terrible though.  Not long after I came across the line, I saw my friend Brandy, finish. The heat had really gotten to her. She was so sick and I felt terrible that there was no medical staff at all to help her! I hope she’s recovering and feeling better at home right now and knows how proud I am of how strong she ran out there. She did a great job.

My sweet pal, Bertha also struggled in this horrible heat today. I feel badly that I didn’t know what she was going through out there. She had chills, her head felt pressure and she felt like closing her eyes and going to sleep – very scary!  She’s ok and she finished strong — but today was a frightening reminder of how heat can affect runners – even really strong ones.

I’m don’t think I’ll be doing this race again next year.

Stats: 13.1 miles. 8:37 ave pace. Total time: 1:53:05!  I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!

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