I just spent the last few hours hanging out with Bertha while her son and my kids played in the pool and played wii. It was such a great time to catch up, relax and enjoy the weather. We discussed our race strategies and goals for this upcoming Saturday. I’m excited for both of us! We’re both going for a PR and another one of our friends who also went to elementary school with us is doing the same race as her first half marathon — so Bertha and I are planning to do our races, take a drink then head back out on the course to run our friend in.  Just today I was showing Bertha a class photo of this friend, Marci, she and I together in the 4th grade. I love that all these years later, three 37 year old pals are running buddies!

I’m excited (and nervous) about Saturday. I hope it’s a fun day for all!!

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