63 degrees. 42% humidity. 10 mph winds. The temperature is so similar to yesterday but it felt so much hotter!

Hotter maybe – but richer as well! I found a shiny penny at about half a mile in today. See..and to think I almost slept in and didn’t do my run! I wouldn’t have found my fortune. 

I believe I forgot to mention the blackbird. There’s this blackbird who squawks and flies above me diving down to try and frighten me along part of my short route. Yesterday, as I ran, I found it rather eerie to look down at my shadow and see this bird’s shadow flying menacingly close to mine, all the while screeching at me to “get the heck away from my babies” I’m assuming. This bird stays with me for about a block until I’m safely away from the well-hidden nest in one of those trees lining the path. Today was no different. I wanted to just stop and reason with the guy and tell him, “Look! You and I are on the same page! I’m a parent, too! If you don’t mess with my babies, I won’t mess with yours.” but I had the feeling that the conversation would have just been one-sided anyways, as the bird pecked my eyes out or something. Eek!

4 more sleeps until my half marathon! I’m concerned about the predicted high of 89 degrees for that day! Hopefully I can run fast enough to avoid the worst brunt of the heat. We shall see if I’m capable on that day in that time and in that race. You never can be sure about these things until after the fact. 

Stats: 4.04 miles. 9:53 ave pace. 39:58 – total time. Felt – alright.

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