This was the most relaxing, pleasurable short run I’ve had in several weeks. 66 degrees, 37% humidity, 12 mph winds that just refreshed me + sunshine and clear blue skies = perfect running weather. 

My legs felt strong and fresh and I had to keep checking the Garmin to keep my pace in check since today’s schedule called for an easy run. If my feet had been in charge, I’d have gone faster.  But, I kept reminding myself that I have a half marathon on Saturday and I want to save that for the race.

I have two more short easy runs and a tempo run this week before the half. I’ll take a rest day on Friday. I’m really enjoying these shorter distances. I’m able to get them done in the morning and still handle my busy evening schedule (which this week includes three baseball games for my 8 year old son and two birthday parties.) I feel so fresh when I run at the start of my day. I’m in a better mood that lasts for hours.  This Mom of five is feeling pretty grateful today for my life, my family, my good health and my running pals. Life is good.

Stats: 4.14 miles. Easy. 9:45 ave pace. 40:26 total time. Felt: Amazing, happy, thrilled!

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