I think I have the world’s most awesome trail buddies! I had a really great time today running with some old friends and some new ones – 10 of us in all! I was so inspired to hear the stories as we ran of some of the more experienced ultra runners in the group. They were so willing to give advice to a newbie like me and I was grateful to hear their thoughts and have them share their stories with me. 
The scenery was spectacular! The climbs were the hardest I’ve ever experienced! We had a 4,967 elevation gain overall with so many ups and downs. It was HOT too! It reached about 80 by the end of the run and that would prove a big “uh oh” for many of us — we all ran out of water at some point on the run today. I realized I was out right at the 10.5 mile point — miles from anywhere to get another drink! I really had to pull it back on the way back to keep my body in check since I had no more water to give it. One pal was very kind to offer me the last sip of his gatorade. These runners really look after each other! What a great community I’m becoming part of!
When we finally were in sight of our cars, we could see several of our buddies waiting and watching for us. They were worried and they waited to make sure we’d be safe.  AND – our pal, Dennis even brought us a nice, cold Gatorade — perfectly frosty to ease our horrible thirst! What a gift! I felt better after getting something cold and wet in me again.
It was a wonderful run with some new terrific friends!  I can’t wait to do it again (and will make certain to plan better with the hydration next time!)

Total miles: 18.47. Time: 5:35:34. Pace: 18:10. Elevation gain overall: 4967. HOT!!!

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