I made up my workout today. Since I have a 2 mile race in 9 days I wanted to gauge my pace in similar conditions (time of day, heat/ humidity) that the race will be in — but I didn’t want to go all out on two back-to-back miles since I know that increases the chance I’d injure myself right before the event and I’m planning a 20 mile run in the mountains this weekend, so I didn’t want to be hurting during that too bad. So – intervals – with an easy, gentle walk the first 1/4 mile, slow, easy pace until first mile, then boom – interval, then stop, stretch, walk a bit (didn’t shut off Garmin at any point), then gently jog to recover for the next mile, then boom – interval -this time, intentionally not pushing as hard as the first one, just trying to keep it fairly hard but not all-out, then .10 mile walk, and gentle jog for the last .20. Stopped watch, got some water, walked a bit more without the Garmin on and then stretched. Whew! Good start to a day!

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