I was hoping by getting up much earlier for my run would help with the outside temperatures and humidity. No such luck. 66 degrees and 56% humidity was still more than I was hoping for. Oh well.

Mile 1 (warm up): 12:09
Mile 2 (interval 1): 7:43
Mile 3 (recovery): 11:05
Mile 4 (interval 2): 7:54
Final .30 – (cooldown): 12:28 pace

Total: 4.3 miles. Ave pace overall: 9:54. Total time: 42:37

My 2 mile race is coming up July 3rd. I’m betting on similar hot/humid conditions for the race morning. Just like this morning, despite pushing my best on that first interval mile, I could not seem to break through to the pace I was hoping for. I really thought I’d done about a 7:17 and was really disappointed to see it was only a 7:43. I eased up in the second interval just a bit from the start, but still got a 7:54. For that mile, I would have been happy with an 8 min/ mile – so it’s better than expected. On the bright side, the total for the two miles is pretty close to what the McMillan calculator predicts I could do in a 2 mile race – so, I guess I’ll see if I can do them back-to-back in a week and a half. 

P.S. Every time I run fast – I feel like puking a little at the end. Glamorous! ha ha

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