With the 10k goal accomplished, I pulled down the smartcoach program on my wall and created a new one. It’s 16 weeks until my October marathon (my third marathon and my first chance to improve my time from last year on the same course.)  I used my 10k time as a guage for the smartcoach to create my marathon training program. I’m a little bit nervous. Ok – a lot! It’s a numbers thing again that has my eyes bugging out — but I’m going to just take the schedule one block at a time. None of the workouts frighten me — it’s the goal pace in that final tiny square the day of the marathon. I have no idea if I can do it and I’m going to keep the number a secret again until it’s over, but honestly I’d be happy even if I were to get within 30 min of the predicted time.  Last year’s race was a 4:57. I was on pace for 4:45 (even in the nonstop rain) until after mile 21. I didn’t fuel. I bonked. I want to do better this time. This time I won’t stop to change my shoes and socks (that wasted a good 3 minutes or more!) I will not stop to pee (wasted another 3-4 minutes) and I will not chat, talk or bother the other runners (poor Bertha putting up with me that first half!)  I will save my energy for the race.

I have a bucket list goal. I want to qualify for the Boston Marathon by the time I’m 40. I’m 37 1/2 now. The “dream goal” on the new marathon schedule would not be a BQ – but it would move me much closer to it. My cousin Ben just BQ’d yesterday in his marathon! 3:09!!! Since he’s 26, a BQ for him is a marathon at 3:10 or better! Wow! For my current age group (35 – 39) I’d have to run a 3:45:59. From 40-44 it would be 3:50:59. Wow, that sounds impossible!!!!! But, it’s a big dream to me. I have several books on the Boston Marathon and the idea’s been floating in my head for about a year now. I think it’s time to buckle down on my training and start chipping away at my goal. I’m going to see if Bertha’s on board for aiming for this along with me.  Wayne thinks I can do it. I love that he has faith in me. He’s the one who said I could run faster than 53 at the 10k — and he was right!  I love that man for having faith in me even when I doubt myself!

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