Want to hear how obsessive I am?  I pulled out my log book and went over all the runs/races in the last couple of months to look for any fast miles I’ve done. Here’s what I came up with:

April 17th (Robie Creek Half Marathon)
Mile 9: 7:45
Mile 10: 8:20
Mile 11: 8:23
Mile 12: 8:15
Mile 13: (watched got left on after finish – but was about 7 min/mile.)

May 20th – Track Classic Race (1 hour long)
Did 6.25 miles comfortably Ave pace: 9:38 ish. I didn’t push. I chatted, we stopped after laps and had to make tallies after each lap on a board with our name, I goofed off, etc. The final .25 – 7:22 pace. I also hate running on a track! I slow down on the corners.

Interval workout 6/2/10
1. 8:33
2. 8:32
3. 8:30
Felt great.

Mountain trail run with Bertha – 6/5/10
Mile 13: 8:23
Mile 15: 8:42
Mile 16: 8:33

Felt great

Tempo run on 6/10/10
Mile 4: 8:59 (my tempo pace was 9:14 ish for the other 3). Chatted and stopped for water. Felt good.

Yesterdays Intervals:
Mile 1: 8:39 (uphill – a REALLY hard one!)
Mile 2: 7:45 (flat for 1/2 mile then down hill)

I have a number but I won’t say what it is.  I’m afraid it will ensure it won’t happen, so me and my Garmin will keep it a secret until the race is over.

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