Tonight I did tune up intervals in preparation for my 10k race on Saturday. This will only be my second 10k ever — and this is the same race I ran last year, so I’m eager to PR at this distance.  My time last year was 1 hr 2 min. I was just coming off that hip injury that kept me running from mid Dec – mid – March, so I had just started to gain a bit of mileage and strength again. I was SO proud of myself after that race.  I think I’m stronger this year. I’ve trained much harder. I’ve lost another 10 lbs. I’m really not sure what to expect, but I would be so proud of myself to break that 1 hour mark and would be thrilled to bits if I could keep the pace about 9 min miles or less. There is a killer hill at mile 2. I remember seeing many runners walking it. I ran the whole thing last year and was so stinking proud of myself for that fact. I decided to do a workout that would help tune my body up for the race but not tax it too much either.

I made it up. I did 5 miles total. 2.5 out and 2.5 back. I had a negative split!  I ran one mile to warm up. Ended up at the base of the toughest hill near my house. I raced up it (mimicking the race and it’s hill at mile 2), then recoverd for 1/2 mile on the flat top. Stopped the garmin at that point – 2.5 miles. Stretched, then raced the 1/2 mile flat on top, down the hill (the race also has a nice sharp drop), then recovered for a mile, then cooled down for 1/2 until I was home again.

It went like this:
Mile 1 (warm up) 10:45
Mile 2 (interval up hill) 8:39
Mile 3 (well .5 of a mile) recovery – 13:02 pace

Total first 2.5 miles – 25:54 min (ave pace 10:22)

Part 2
Mile 1 (interval flat 1/2 mile then downhill) – 7:45
Mile 2 (recovery) 11:06
Mile 3 (.5 mile) cool down – 11:14 pace
Total: 2.5 miles/24:30/ ave pace: 9:47

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