I’m grateful to live in a rural area. About 500 feet from my front door I can be standing next to a farmer’s fields, watching horses romp in a field and enjoy the beauty of old red barns against a beautiful backdrop of mountains.

Today, despite feeling pretty fatigued, I enjoyed my plodding along through some beautiful scenery. The air was heavy with the sweet perfume of summer flowers in bloom. The sky was overcast and the fields of wheat, corn and spearmint (my favorite to run by since the scent just takes my breath away and make me crave a stick of gum) were growing nicely.

My hips, hamstrings and calves are definitely feeling the extra training I’ve been doing. My two little girls came down with a cold this week, also, and it seems I’m starting to get it too, so I could feel the heaviness that always accompanies even a small illness just overtaking me tonight. I’m tired.

My wonderful husband had made blueberry pancakes and eggs for dinner by the time I finished up my run! I was famished and savored every delicious bite! 

I’m looking forward to a rest day tomorrow. I have a track workout on Thursday coming up, then a heavy weekend planned – with another mountain trail run (hopefully of 22 miles) on Friday and a nice, easy 10 miler on Sunday with a friend. Let’s see if my legs are up to it!

Stats: 6.6 miles. Ave very slow pace: 13:37. Time: 1:29:51. I’m tired today.

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