My 8 year old son’s baseball team practice was tonight. They’d changed fields but I hadn’t been told which one would be the new one. There were literally hundreds of people at the huge set of fields tonight. Of course I parked in the only spot I could find – a million miles away (at least!) I’d brought my two youngest girls tonight (ages 3 and 5) since I’d noticed a few other young gals at the last practice and thought my gals would love a little playdate while Josh practiced with his team. 

So, with my arms loaded down with a bucket of Legos, three stuffed toys and two tiny girls grabbing onto my hands, saying, “Sloww down, Mama – we’re losing our flip flops” and my 8 year old son running ahead saying, “Hurry, Mom! We’re so late! We have to find my team!” we maneuvered our way through one field after another trying to locate his group. I was never so thankful in my life, when I finally saw familiar faces and knew we’d found it. Whew!!!!

Josh had a good practice, the girls got to play with some cute little friends and I got a little, tiny workout in. Whew!

1.5 miles. Calgon Take Me Away!!!!!!!

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