What a beautiful, sunny morning for a beach run! When on vacation, I believe it’s a sin to forget to stop and smell the ocean -or more accurately, this morning — to NOT stop and enjoy the tidepools along the way. So, doing the right thing, I stopped and looked for treasure at every opportunity today.

I saw pink, purple and green sea anemones. I photographed entire rocks covered in huge purple and orange starfish (going so far into the water that I was knee deep in surf just for the perfect shot.) I ran right over black, smooth, rock stretches of the beach and forded my way through several streams emptying into the sea. The most challenging one was about 2 – 3 feet deep, 10 feet across and the water was rushing. I was wet up to my thighs after getting across that (and grinning from ear-to-ear!) A group of teens was nearby when I was on my way back and hit the same spot. There they stood in their coats and hats staring at the wide stream and wondering how to get to the other side. So, of course, I held my head up, and charged right into that water, not breaking pace one bit.  Ha ha!

I discovered I need a larger fuel belt today. For more fuel? No, no, no, no! For seashells, ocean glass and treasures of course!  I ended up taking out my cell phone halfway and deciding that I’d just run and carry it to make more room for sea treasures to bring back for the five kids (who were still snoozing in their beds while Mommy was out on her adventure.) There was only one problem, shortly after having this “ah ha!” moment, I dropped the cell phone right smack dab into the tidepool I was hunching over. Oops! I grabbed it quickly (and I swear the tiny school of itty bitty fish laughed and pointed their fins at me) and tried to shake the water out. Within a minute, the screen went white, then blank – and all I could think was, “No! I just took some awesome running pictures I want to share on daily mile!”

I’m back to the beach house now, after my pleasure-filled morning 9 miler and my cell phone is under the watchful eye of my techie husband. I’m crossing my fingers he can bring my phone back from the dead. I want to share those pictures with you guys.

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