What a truly beautiful run today! Many friends, lots of laughs and some really tough miles up and down mountain trails, along canyons, by a lovely secluded stream. I had the pleasure of cheering in a great friend as she ran her first 13 miles! She was SO strong out there and was a great inspiration!  It rained, it was very windy and my shoes were filled with water for most of the run. The mud was so thick in places, we slogged through it — but we did it all with smiles on our faces, knowing we were having an adventure of a lifetime — as each trail run seems to be. 

Stats: 13.11 miles. Ave pace (mountain running is a whole different beast when it comes to pace. ) 16:23 (this can give you an idea of what many trail ultras are like even when you’re pushing at a pace that keeps the heart racing!) Time: 3:34. Windy, rainy, 40 degrees and BEAUTIFUL!

Two of my most special childhood friends.

Lots of steep climbs up and down, slippery mud, rocks, roots and narrow singletrack trails. VERY fun!

After hiking amongst amazing red-rock canyons and interesting rock formations, we found this lovely little stream right at the base. Beautiful! Bertha and I loved it!

Our running buddy, Sam.  Always the encourager to the group and a die-hard, focused runner who’s about to do his first 50 mile mountain race in a week.

At the summit of our trail. What a view!

My buddy, Marci, completing her first 13 mile run – and no ordinary run either – a challenging, mountain trail one – with a bunch of ultra runners! Marci ROCKS!!!!  She did amazing out there!!!!

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