I forgot to add: Ben came in first place for the race! He did 9.26 miles with a pace of 6:29 for the race! He smoked the rest of us!  I got 6th place overall (out of 21 runners) and I was really proud of that! Every competitor got to choose a prize at the end. My buddy, Emily, who ran the race, has relatives who own a running store, so the prizes were pretty awesome! They had water bottles, Body Glide, a hydration belt, various shirts and running jackets. Bertha and I chose matching running jackets! SO fun! Pretty nice for a no-cost event! 

Here’s a picture of me running in the race (check out my cool claw hands!)

After each lap, we were supposed to write a tally to keep track of our own laps. This slowed us all down a bit since you’d have to pick the pace back up quickly again afterwards. I tried to keep track on my fingers for a few laps, then jot down the tallies — but I had to stop and write them down at least 10 times during the race. Other than that, I ran the entire thing. Not a single walking step.

Here are Bertha and I in our stunning new jackets!

And here, is the famous cousin, Ben.

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