I drained the black and blue toenail last night. I’d read that if the bruised toenail causes pain (which this one did), you have to drain it or the trapped blood can get an infection. The black toenail I had back in September was not painful, so this was a new experience for me.

I used a sterilized, very tiny drill bit (not attached to the drill of course ) and just twisted and twisted it (I think I was sweating bullets since I was so nervous and it was so painful), and then after a few minutes — walllah — the trapped blood started to leak out.  It was gross and a bit messy — but this morning, I can’t tell you how much better my toe feels AND the nice pink color is back too. I know the nail will still fall off — but at least this way I won’t be limping on my vacation next week. I’ll be able to enjoy myself.  I also have a long run (13 – 20 miles – haven’t decided yet) in the mountains with about 10 other friends this weekend before I leave. I’m looking forward to that much more now that my toe doesn’t ache!) 

This morning’s weight: 123!

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