Tonight was the Annual Titus Van Rijn One Hour Track Classic race, put on by my friend, Emily and her team of runners in my town. About 20 runners or so (maybe 25???) met at a local high school track and we all lined up and took off running for one hour with the goal of getting as many laps as possible in the one hour time limit.

My cousin, the ultra marathon dude, Ben showed up and had us all in stitches with his outfit — tiny green running shorts, long, knee socks, camo arm sleeves, a baseball cap advertising his upcoming 50 mile mountain ultra and the word “PRE” printed across his bare chest (in honor, of course of the great Steve Prefonaine, the famous runner from years past.) Ben was all pep and smiles as he lapped and relapped the rest of us, coaching us on and encouraging us to keep going when some of the newer runners grew tired. It was a fun time. Bertha, Davina, Emily, Sam and my friend, Tina were there, so it was enjoyable to run laps with lots of familiar faces. There were many faces I didn’t know, so it was also nice to get to chat with the runners and make some new friends too. 

I made it my personal goal to aim for 6 miles in the 1 hour, not knowing what my legs could only 5 days after my marathon. My big right toe is totally black and the blood blister formed under the nail is pretty painful, still, but other than that (which didn’t seem to be a big deal once I started running), I felt fine. I kept my pace nice and consistent and only surged once I saw there was less than 10 minutes to go and I kept that in check too, until the final two minutes.

I’m very proud of my performance tonight. My husband and children were there cheering me on! 

Stats: 6.25 miles. Pace: 9:35. Time: 1 hour.

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