I woke up this morning feeling pretty good considering I ran a marathon yesterday. I’m a little achy in the hips and my big right toe is sore since it took a beating (from it’s black and blue state, I’m pretty certain I can kiss that one good-bye just in time for flip flop season. Things like this are always nice conversation starters at pool parties. ha ha.) I walked the first half, just warming everything up really gently and enjoyed a nice, easy pace through the countryside today. I was surprised at how humid and warm it got very quickly again. It seems that Idaho has once again just skipped right by the usual springtime weather and gone from hail and freezing winds a week ago to stifling and hot now. I do long for a proper Spring!!!! 

I’m imposing two weeks off from hard training on myself. I’m only a few days away from vacation now and I’m going to just take things easy – rest and recover and reconsider my summer and fall goals.

At the moment, I’m really leaning towards not doing an ultra this fall. I did struggle with my stomach again in the last few miles of the race yesterday. I had horrible nausea and ended up running into the bushes at mile 22. I just can’t seem to figure out how to stay fueled without getting sick on the super long distances – when I push the pace even a little. I’m usually fine on the training runs since I keep the pace slower, take more walk, stretch and bathroom breaks, etc — but every single time I try to up things in a race — I struggle.

So… I’m considering taking a gander at the shorter distances for awhile, increasing my speed and seeing how that goes. I haven’t done a 5k in about 12 years. I’ve only done one 10k in my life and that was last June. My only half was last month at Robie Creek. I think I still have quite a bit of exploring to do at these shorter race distances before I can improve at the more challenging marathon and ultra ones. Maybe it’s just experience and time that I need. I’ve been running 2 years now – and I had to take 3 months off for a hip injury the winter of 2008. Maybe I need to “pace” my goals better – like a marathon instead of treating my dreams like a sprint trying to accomplish everything at once. 

Kind of feeling happy but reflective today.

Stats: 5 miles. Ave pace: 13:26. Time: 1:07. Feeling: Pretty good.

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