Some pictures of today’s race:

The starting area was FREEZING and the winds were about 30 mph! Crazy!

My cousin, Ben, took this one.  It was about 8 ? miles into the race.

This is my favorite photo Wayne took of me today.  I was DYING by this point, but managed one smile for the camera, then behaved like a zombie for another 3 miles.

Oh! I take it back! That last one is tied with this one! I am not a very fast runner in general — but I really love how I can always manage a really nice kick for the finish line! I went all out – and look! I’m flying! Weeeeeee! I will admit that as soon as I crossed and they removed my chip, I collapsed on the grass and wanted to stay there for a long time. Tough one today, gals! Really tough with the heat!

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