I found an online ultra training schedule maker and entered the August 7th 50 mile race date in and this is the schedule it came up with (though I altered the current week since I have a marathon.) I tried to post it here, but it threw off all the the spacings and made it kind of clumped together. Anyways… I’ve printed it out, taped it to my desk and this is where I’m at: I love training!


I spent last night going over my training logs for the past 6 months and was reminded how many times I’ve done long distance runs and had them go well. Normally – the training isn’t what stresses me out and usually I just love it to bits and look forward especially to the long weekend runs each week. I seem to struggle still during racing though. Not sure why. Maybe I freak out a bit and my stomach or body can’t handle it yet or I still need more practice.

BUT… I’m printing the schedule, Bertha’s using it and she’s invited me to come along on the weekends with her and her husband (who will be riding a bike along with her) if I want to. (Thank you, Bertha!)  Wayne told me that he’s fine with me doing so many back-to-back weekend runs and he wants me to do it if I want to. I think I should just continue on with the training (since I’m exactly where I need to be physically and according to this schedule) and just have fun with it and show up and hang out with everyone on the long runs for now. Maybe I’ll do the entire training schedule and won’t do the race. Maybe I’ll end up signing up for the race but just doing the 50k option instead of the 50 mile one. I have options and I have time. If I train, I keep those options. If I choose to not train up to it, then I lose that option come August 7th.

So….looking at the schedule was honestly reassuring. My longest training week so far ever was about 56 miles. This schedule has me peaking at 60. I can do that. Just this past week was a 38.24 mile week. I think I feel relieved, honestly. I don’t want to miss the fun! The training is a blast!!!!  We’ll just have to wait and see about the race. If I feel I’m overdoing it, I’m fine with altering the schedule as needed. It could be just the thing I need to help me reach the next level. I may get stronger than ever. I’d like that. I guess time will tell.

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