Every time I get back on track and do my yoga I’m glad I did. I have really gotten so focused on my running in the past two months that I’ve neglected doing anything else much. I can tell that I’m much stiffer than I was before, when I was doing the yoga/strength 2-3 days a week. Today was a reminder that my body really can use it. It was so much harder to get my poses right and I felt like my legs and back were less flexible than they were before.

I always have two of the cutest companions when I pull out the wii fit plus! Savannah (my 3 year old) and Anneliese (my 5 year old) in matching fluffy white dresses did every pose with me today. They got the biggest giggles from trying the tree pose since they kept falling over. They both decided the way to master that one was to grab onto Mom’s legs while they tried to stand on one leg and balance. It was hilarious and a lot of fun. 

I think I’ll try to make a date with my tiny yoga buddies again soon. I had forgotten how much it settles my mind and stretches my tight hips and hammies. I rearranged the morning schedule today so that the children were doing their homeschool subjects that require less of my attention during this time. It’s a simple change, but one that will allow me to have half an hour to stretch or strength train only a few feet away from them while they do their school work.  It’s about adapting and adjusting and I’m determined to make this a part of my weekly workouts again on a regular basis.

Stats: Wii Fit Plus Yoga. Time: 30 minutes Felt: Inflexible but happy

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