I made a promise to my son, Joshua about a year ago that I’d give him any change I found along the road during my runs for his piggy bank. Amazingly, this didn’t make the other four children jealous. In fact, since that time, when any of them finds change on the sidewalk or at the park — they’ll happily scoop it up and yell, “Hey, Josh! Look what I found for you.”  It’s kind of a group effort for my third-born’s life savings. Or more accurately – his determined effort to amass a small fortune to spend on yet another set of Harry Potter Legos from ebay.

Today was a profitable one for Josh. I found a penny at about mile 5. Just as always, I spotted it as I passed, stopped dead in my tracks and went back to get it. I tucked it into my jacket pocket and continued on my way. Around mile 6, I hit the jackpot!!! A shiny nickel!! You should have seen the look of satisfaction on my face when I handed over that chunk of change to my 8 year old son. Pure pleasure! 

Stats: 7 miles. Average Pace: 10:23. Time: 1 hr 12 min.

1. 11:28
2. 10:21
3. 10:26
4. 9:58
5. 10:07
6. 10:40
7. 9:41

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