Beautiful run in the countryside with my pal, Marci!  Enjoyed the easy conversation, the scenery, the weather and the final mile with her adorable little son. I think he’s got potential as a sprinter!

12.17 miles (I was SO proud of my friend! She’d never gone 11 before so this was a big accomplishment for her and I high-fived her when we hit that point!)  Her little boy wanted to join us when we got back so we tagged on the extra mile with him and he was all smiles that he got to run with Mama and her running buddy! So cute! Then he climbed a tree to show he how high he could get! I think he’s 4 and he’s just a doll!

Pace: 12:05. Lots of wonderful rolling hills. I seriously fell in love with a couple of the biggest monsters and intend to come back just to do some hillwork later this summer. Excellent workout!

Time: 2 hours 27 min.

Fun: VERY! 

This pal of mine is one I’ve also known practically my whole life (like Bertha.) We all grew up together in a tiny, little town. My running friend, Davina is also part of that group. There’s a special bond between all of us since our histories go back so far. I always feel that I’m “coming home” when I’m running with one of my hometown pals. It doesn’t seem to matter if a week, a month or a decade goes by before we see each other — we always seem to have easy conversations punctuated with a lot of laughter and smiles.  I feel very blessed to have so many terrific gals to run with.

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