On my wish list of races for this year, I have a 10K in June (a repeat of last year where I hope to PR), a half in July (where I’d like to see what I can do on a flatter surface than Robie – I’m hoping for closer to 2:10) – I think I’m capable of doing a half right at 2 hours if I gave it my all and trained for that distance, though it may take a year or two to achieve that), and a 5K if I can find one that fits somewhere in there since I haven’t raced that distance officially in about 12 years. The 5 k last year one week after my marathon (where Bertha and I were bandits accidentally in a local 5 k race), I came in right before 27 minutes. I’d love to see what I can do. I’m hoping to do 26 min or better and would love to work towards a 25 min race within 2-3 years. The marathon I did last year is in October and I’m thinking I’d like to do that again and go for a PR (really think I can get a 4:45 — but think if I trained well I could inch closer to the 4:30 mark.)

I’m feeling emotionally ok. I really do seem to be settled in my soul about finishing last, which I’m relieved about. I have a tendency to be kind of hard on myself when I don’t do as well as expected — but so far, I really am at peace about this race.  I finished. That was the best I could do that day on that course in those conditions. BUT…. I told Wayne last night, “You know, I think I have unfinished business with the ultra.” Though I’m ok with that particular race and the outcome — I know how hard I trained this last few months and my time did not reflect my ability — so I still may have to do at least one more and see if I can at least cross that finish line thrilled that I got to give a good performance out there. Maybe my cousin’s 50k/50 mile race in August in the mountains? I’d probably do the 50k.

With IBS — yes, stress is a big factor as well as diet. I need to learn to deal with my nerves better – and — sadly — learn to eat healthier! Darn it! I’ve been putting that one off for a while.  I know I need to rid my diet of more junk and fat and oil and focus on eating a cleaner, more natural diet if I really want to achieve my best in my racing. A lot to think about.

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