Ohhh.. I found a coupon code from a blog about the sweaty bands too. *f.a.t. (from a blog about being fit after thirty (f.a.t.)  Cool beans! I asked Wayne and he said I can order one for my Mother’s Day gift this year! Yippeee! I’ll review and let you guys know what I think!

I also forgot to give a two thumbs up on Body Glide! Now that I’ve run an ultra and several shorter runs using this product I have nothing but good things to say about it! I love how it doesn’t show up on my clothing the way deodorant did when I used it for chafing (yeah, I really did use deodorant and it worked pretty well – except for the white stuff on my black shorts despite being the “invisible” kind) and I had tried Vaseline and hated how sticky it felt and how hard it was to wash off my sports bras and shorts.  I even went so far in my quest for a good anti-chafing product to use K-Y Jelly. Bertha wouldnt’ stand near me when I pulled THAT tube out on a long run and applied some!  So… I kept hearing about Body Glide, bought some last week and have to say – WOW! I have no chafing from my 50k yesterday at all! Nice!!!

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