The part of my body that most enjoyed today’s little jaunt around the neighborhood wasn’t my aching hamstrings – though, they did, indeed appreciate the chance to stretch out and loosen up a bit. It was my nose. Is there really any better pleasure for a nose than a springtime walk? The apple and cherry blossoms, the flowers, the freshly mowed grass and the rich, earthy smell of freshly laid bark are really a nose’s heaven on earth. If that weren’t enough, I walked by several homes where I could smell the distinct scent of burgers and steaks grilling on the BBQ. Mmmmmmmm. 

Stats for recovery walk with jogging breaks. 2.34 miles. Average pace: 17:36

Comments: Hamstrings are both pretty tight, but especially the left one. Right foot is sore – especially the couple of toes with blisters from yesterday. Overall, pretty tired still, but feeling fairly good considering.

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