Here’s some pictures of today’s race:

Bertha and I at the start of the race

Bertha and I about 4 miles into the race.

this one of my beautiful running buddy!

This was about 22 miles into the race. I wanted to keel over. I was so sick and everything hurt – but I would never complain about the lovely scenery.

I think Wayne might have a future as a race photographer. I  this one!

this shot Wayne got of me too. I was SO tired. I just wanted to lay down. Oh wait, I really DID lay down around mile 27 for a few seconds and stare at the clouds. It was a tough one today!!!!!!

I was last place – but I still gave it my all at the finish. The small crowd of volunteers, my family and Bertha’s family just cheered so loud that it brought tears to my eyes! I was very emotional as I crossed this line. I kept saying, “I did it! I can’t believe I did it!”

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