Two more days until the 50K.  I’m obsessing about the weather, the 2 + hour drive there the morning of the race, my race gear, the accuracy of the course (I think it’s at least 1-2 miles short of an accurate 50K) and all the details!!!  Just ask poor Bertha who I’ve been harrassing with e-mails all day long while she’s at work.  Do you know I was able to google every other female race competitor (that I didn’t already know in person) and send the stats to Bertha so we could scope out the chances at a medal in our division. Yeah — I’m a little crazy right now! I honestly have NO chance of getting a prize – but I just love knowing and studying the data in situations where I am facing something new. It’s just how I think. It’s my geek side showing.

As it turns out, there are now 13 women signed up. 3 of them are 50 and over and compete in a Master’s division. So, 10 (myself included) are competing for the top 3 in women under 50 category. Kind of exciting to have odds like that even though I’m sure to be the last woman in.  I felt so honored reading up on these other ladies too and seeing their results at events like the 100 mile races and 100Ks! I can’t wait to run with these other amazing women. I hope they’ll share some race stories at the party afterwards. I’m sure to find some new heros to add to my collection of amazing women I look up to in the running community.

I am nervous. I am excited!

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