Easy Recovery Run

Temp: 75 degrees.

4.18 miles. 11:24 pace. 47:45 – total time. Feel – sore.

Another hot day! It’s amazing how 75 degrees can feel so lovely for a nice day relaxing in the backyard but a miserable day for a run! I ate a full lunch right before the run, figuring it was one more chance to let my stomach practice digesting on the run, as I’ll do in the ultra. I’ve been working on this area especially in the last 3 months since it’s a weak area for me. I was thinking eating tuna fish right before a hot run wasn’t the most brilliant idea about a mile in — but I was ok. Thankfully, I’m not planning on having any tuna long at Saturday’s race — just simpler foods like peanut butter and bread, cereal bars and goldfish crackers.

My quads, hamstrings, glutes and hips are a bit sore today – but not too bad. I’ll rest well this week, get only another short run or two in and keep them easy – and hopefully have what I need in these feet to get me to the finish of that 50K! I can’t wait to be an official ultra-marathoner!!!!!!

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