Wayne is still achy, but is looking forward to doing the race tomorrow. He promises he’ll go easy and doesn’t care what his time is.

My Mom just called and said due to some sudden financial problems that have escalated – she’s not coming.  I told her that even with all the pressure she’s under (this has been coming for months and months for their small business), that I thought she should do the race anyways. It’ll be her 15 year anniversary of the last time she ran this. I know she’s been looking forward to it all year. I had Wayne call her and joking say he needed his racing buddy – but she said no.  I feel so bad for them. I wish I could help them –but the numbers that would fix it are overwhelming. So..please send good vibes to my parents this month. They could use them. 

Wayne picked up my race number for the 50k and my shirt.  It’s totally ugly – but I don’t care! I’ll wear it with pride once I do the race!!!! I talked with Bertha on the phone today as she was going to pick up her number too. I can’t wait to run it with her!! Team Chocolate Milk racing together again!  It’ll be something to remember!

It’s almost time for me to prepare the pre-race pasta dinner.  I’m feeling mostly calm (sad about my Mom and Dad – but hoping the best for them and still hoping my Mom decides to come.) I’m looking forward to my date with the mountain.

An online Robie friend told me that the backside of the mountain is really icy and muddy for at least a mile or more when they checked it today.  So….I’ll do my best not to kill myself coming down. Looking forward to becoming an official “Robie” racer!

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