Robie is tomorrow! Gun goes off at high noon! I’m nervous and excited! My Mom came over yesterday and I showed her my costume and the boot covers and she agreed that it was best to leave the outfit at home and run the race in normal running clothes. Whew! That’s what I wanted to hear at this point! I laid out my running outfit choices for tomorrow. I’m down to two favorite shirts – the one I did my marathon in and another one that I just think is cute – so, I’ll see which one appeals to me the most in the morning and that’ll be my Robie shirt.

Wayne got in a car accident yesterday morning on the way to work, just as he was getting on the freeway.  There’s road construction right on the entrance and it’s made it terrible to get on and off right now since they’ve done a terrible job of setting it up. He looked to his left to make sure he could get in, but a few cars in front of him had slammed on the brakes. When he looked straight ahead again – he only had 10 feet to react – and he hit the brakes but hit the SUV in front of him. It only dented that vehicle a little and the driver said he was rushing to the airport to take his brother there, so he left, while Wayne called 911 and had the police come out for a report. The van wouldn’t run. The radiator, the air conditioning fan and a couple of other things I’m not familiar with were toast. Since this was the first accident Wayne had been in since the week he got his driver’s license when he was 16, he didn’t know he’d get charged more if the police had to summon a tow truck. But…though the accident happened only 2 miles from home — we had to pay the tow driver $252 to tow it back to the house.  Highway robbery I tell ya. Er – freeway robbery I tell ya! Wayne also got a citation for following too close to the tune of $85.

Thankfully, I have a very handy brother in law who’s really great at fixing vehicles. We called him and he came right over to help Wayne figure out what was wrong, then took Wayne to the local salvage yard and got the parts we needed at Dad’s discount (my dad’s a used car dealer.) That helped a ton. The parts ended up being $168, which I’m sure is a real deal compared to what it would have cost us if we’d had someone else repair it.

The guys worked on it a couple of hours – and had it back working good as new.  What a scary day, though. I almost cried when Wayne called me, while I was still in bed to tell me “Honey, I’ve been in a car accident.” I’m so thankful noone was hurt in either car. Wayne is really stiff and has whiplash, so I feel pretty bad for him facing Robie Creek tomorrow.  He hasn’t trained really at all — not even ONE run since January, so I’ve encouraged him to just walk the race and use the time to stretch out his sore muscles. He’s still determined to run as much as he can. I just hope it doesn’t make his stiff neck and back hurt worse.  I’m so thankful he’s ok. He’s my best friend. I worry like crazy about stuff like this happening and I’m so glad he walked away from this wreck. I know it wasn’t super serious — but it still freaks me out.

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