I was reading somewhere today that it’s good not to decrease intensity when you decrease volume in a taper. Who knows if it’s true or not -but it’s what I think I wanted to hear – so I did one last tempo run today just for the mind – which really seemed to need it even more than the body. My legs felt relieved to run a bit quicker again and it relieved some of the pre-race jitters I’m having.

Today’s temperature is 63 with 13 mph winds. And I was HOT! I dressed right – shorts and a dry-wicking shirt – but it made me really consider weather or not I should wear a costume at Saturday’s race or not (where temps are supposed to hit 70.) Hmm….. I think I’ll have to just wait and see what kind of weather race day brings and decide at the last minute.

I’m looking forward to running this race with several friends, my husband and my Mom.  It should be a great time no matter what I wear!

4.83 miles. 9:15 ave pace.

My splits:
1. 9:39
2. 9:02
3. 9:26
4. 9:30
5. (.83 of a mile) – 8:28 (I checked my stats on the Garmin training center when I got back to see how fast I was going just as I hit the house since I gave an all-out effort on the kick. It said I went from a 7:10 pace to a 4:37 in the last 10th! Nice!!!!!! I feel good. I think my mind just works overtime when a race is nearing and a good, hard run just clears the way for calmer emotions again.

Also — Cool down walk

.21 miles. 18:39 pace.  Felt proud of my efforts out there today.

Total miles: 5.04 miles.

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